Free Activity: Keyword Bingo

Keywords are the words and phrases recruiters/hiring managers are using to search for talent. Keywords include job titles, job functions, and core skills - they are both the "what" the job entails and the "how" the work gets done. 

The attached activity is one I like to use with clients who are applying for a job. This works beautifully with both LinkedIn Profiles and resumes - which ever tool you are going to use to apply for the job. Your resume should ideally be an abbreviated version of your LinkedIn profile. 

The outcome of this activity will show you how many keywords you have in common between your LinkedIn Profile/resume and the job description.

STEP 1: Identify Keywords


STEP 2: Write Keywords on Bingo Card


Step 3: Compare Bingo card with your resume and/or LinkedIn Profile. Cross off the words on your Bingo card once you have located them on your resume/LinkedIn Profile. Your goal is to "blackout" (cross off all spaces) on your Bingo card. 

Use the below FREE resource to create your own Bingo card!