Founded by Jennifer Chenoweth, a brand strategist, storyteller, and educator, The LinkedIn Gal has helped over 2,000 people create their online brands.


My Process: Creating an authentic brand requires care, time, and commitment. It means answering tough questions about yourself, letting go of things that no longer serve you, and courageously asking for what you want. I help you articulate your brand by spending time getting to know you and understanding your goals.

Next, I help you identify the people to get your brand in front of. From hiring managers to customers, we format your profile so that the right people are viewing it.

Finally, we create sustainable routines that allow you to maintain your online brand in a way that matches your lifestyle. 

My Style: I am creative, honest, and approachable. I value getting to know you and designing approaches that allow you to be your authentic self (because not being your authentic self is simply exhausting!). 

My Story: I watched people close to me get frustrated navigating job transitions. I saw their incredible strengths and experience and noticed that their LinkedIn profiles didn’t reflect what they had to offer a company. I watched them tracking down former colleagues through old email addresses and business cards. In this frustration, I saw an opportunity to make this process easier, and faster leveraging LinkedIn. Most importantly, I was able to help people recognize their strengths, harness their power, and navigate career next steps with clarity and confidence. In 2014, The LinkedIn Gal launched and today I’ve helped over 2,000 people create their online brands.

Laura Truett, Laura Truett Photography

Laura is my go-to photographer for LinkedIn profile headshots. Not only are her pictures fantastic, her process of capturing your authentic self is second-to-none. She works quickly and makes having your picture taken so much fun!


Liina Lundin, Liina & Co

Liina’s specialty is visual branding - from logos to marketing collateral - she can make sure the aesthetics of your brand attract the audiences you desire.

Kelly Coyne, 612-Interview

Kelly is all things interviewing. If you are looking to sharpen your skills prior to interviewing, she's your gal.


Paul Jung, Better By Bricks

Paul is one of my side-gig co-collaborators and a Lego Serious Play Facilitator. He's my go-to person for bringing a unique and creative spin to an event.